Keep sweet talking me, this could go a whole new direction.

August 5   5288
glad i chose this meatsuit,

— my body is a cage

August 2   480
glad i chose this meatsuit,


Manip Request: Sherlock Holmes, Meg Masters, Gwen Cooper and Lucifer hanging out.

Request a manip of Pocket World Characters

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glad i chose this meatsuit, //omg this is the cutest thing ever dovok, l,

Title: Bulimic
Artist: The Used
565 plays


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thanks to sherly, i remembered that i was gonna reblog this because of deg, musicdump, shutyourfreakingcakehole, buttercup and sunshine,

July 26   2725
glad i chose this meatsuit, pretty much how meg feels towards everyone right now, but especially dean,

I’m Meg.

July 25   781
glad i chose this meatsuit,

July 22   12
glad i chose this meatsuit,

Texting ✉ Megwen

July 15   19
t: gwen,



Sometimes it’s for the best. We learned a lot, just… too late.

Megs, you were a different person then. I understand if Jo can’t see it, but I hope you do… Wait, are you saying she’s with Dean? I had no idea. God, I’ve been so out-of-touch, I thought you and him were still… whatever. Okay. Well, is there anything I can do? It’s at least partly my fault. I want to help.


Oh I know that. I even apologized to her so it’s whatever, but I don’t know how she really feels about me and that sets me on edge. As for her and Dean? I have no idea, I’m sure they are though. And no… he and I-we’re not anything but friends. Maybe talk to her and see if she’ll tell you what you told her?

July 15   9
c: gwen,

Texting ✉ Megwen

July 15   19
t: gwen, //making this harder since 2k14,

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